Fitness Anxiety: Are Other People Better at Weight Loss?

Do you ever look into the mirror and think if you’re enough? You know, if other people are working out more than you, or are losing more weight than you. You’re so busy looking at other people that your own health and workout goals can seemingly go unnoticed in a sea of potential bad judgments and self-doubt.


This article will review the facts on how other people are not necessarily better than you and why this anxiety is actually counterproductive to reaching your full health/fitness potential. The term “fitness anxiety” was originally coined by Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor of social medicine at Boston University. To paraphrase what he wrote in the article: new research suggests that people who are obsessed with others’ lives and aims are less likely to work out themselves.




Published in the American Journal of Public Health, the study found that people who are obsessed with other people’s health are less likely to work out themselves. LiveScience explains, “People who perceive other adults as more fit and healthy are about half as likely to engage in leisure time physical activity than those who believe they are about as fit and healthy as others.”


The first part of this report seems to strike some truth from all observations over the years. This could explain why we’ve seen many friends give up their weight loss goals because they were seeing how others were achieving them. Now, we’re not saying that you are less fit, healthy or even that if you don’t achieve your goals that it’s your fault. What we’re saying is that you will never actually know if you are enough unless you have a health, fitness or weight loss goal to work towards.

You can’t see yourself from the outside, that’s the folly of human nature.  As long as another person is achieving what you want, you’re always going to feel that you’re behind in life as compared to your family, friends and colleagues. We put this obsession with health and our own goals down to other people’s lifestyle and manners being our barometer for success.


The article continues:


Every day, we’re barraged with news reports and television shows about other people’s life, their fit bodies and nutritious diets. We may think they are more fit and healthy than we think we are. According to the study, this perception can lead to feelings of sadness, isolation, guilt and anxiety. For example, if you see someone at the gym working out six days a week while you only work out three times a week, you might feel sad that you’re not meeting your own standards for yourself. You might also feel isolated because you believe that other people are more fit than you even though they may be just normal adults who are much like other people.


Furthermore, you might feel guilty because you think you’re not meeting your health goals and that you should be better off than others (or even just as good). Lastly, if you’re obsessed with others’ habits and diets , it can lead to feelings of anxiety because of comparing yourself.


If this is in fact true, then we are creating an entire generation of “fitness” anxious individuals who may only succeed by comparison. This is a pretty scary outlook and one that we should definitely avoid.


The Solution to Fitness Anxiety:


  1. Stop comparing yourself to other people and their success. You’ll never know if you are enough until you set a goal for yourself and begin working towards it.


  1. Focus on your true goals, not the person beside you or someone you know who is “doing it better” than you.


  1. If social media is a source of anxiety for you, then limit the amount of time you spend looking at it or simply avoid it completely (at least during your health/fitness time). Weight loss is a mindset, and is something that you should be doing just for YOU. 


  1. If your anxiety is brought on from friends that have different habits and health/fitness goals than you, respectfully decline the invitation to do things besides your usual routine (if it’s a repeated problem). Don’t socialize with unhealthy individuals, or people who take away your energy,  if you want to be healthy.


  1. Realize that we are all individuals and you don’t have to look like the person next to you or even the person on TV. Social media makes it seem like everyone else’s life is better than yours but in reality, they are just projecting what they want out of life and not necessarily what they actually have.


Hence, in conclusion, stop comparing yourself to others. You keep hearing this everywhere, but why should you actually do it? Because no one can see who you truly are underneath your outside appearance. You’ll never know if you are enough until you set a goal for yourself and begin working towards it. And fun fact: you only need to be “enough” for yourself. If your healthy lifestyle and nutrition goals are more personal than others, not just like everyone else’s, then just embrace your life and do what YOU want to do.


If you’re more interested in helping others succeed than being fit yourself, then by all means help them out but don’t allow that to be your barometer for success. Simply put, fitness/health anxiety can be counterproductive when the person experiencing it is someone who has no health, fitness or weight loss goals of their own. So find a healthy means of meeting your goals that won’t cause you anxiety because in the end, other people will still get there and achieve their own personal health goals before you do.


What’s your fitness anxiety like? Are you able to set your goals and move past those who are on the same path as you towards a goal or do you constantly compare yourself to others? Take out some time for personal self reflection and growth as you think about this. 


Fitness Wellness

Virtual Run and the Inefficiency Pandemic

In a time when everything is on your computer, we hope you’ve been adjusting well. Transitioning from everything being in person to suddenly staring at a laptop screen for hours on end was of course, tough for all of us. Everyone is struggling to buy a new pair of ‘blue light glasses’ online and suddenly doing eye exercises. Hours of zoom meetings, after-work FaceTime meetups with friends, and family nights playing some online games. School, college and work, all of it upended. When every part of our lives has been uploaded online, why not our fitness as well? Following online YouTube workouts and routines is not enough sadly. We’re all bound to give up at some time, especially because we’re doing it all alone. 


What we’re lacking most during this pandemic is a sense of community and togetherness. While some of us have been quarantining with family or loved ones, a few have been quarantining alone. While this is detrimental to their mental health, it also doesn’t bode well for their physical health. So how do we translate physical wellbeing to its online counterpart? The answer is: virtual runs. These can be participated in at any location of your choosing, making it a perfect choice for a pandemic fitness routine. You can do it virtually at your own home using a treadmill. Or if you prefer the open air, you can safely exercise outside in your own neighbourhood. You can run at your own pace, over a period of days depending on what type of virtual run you choose. 


One of the most important pros of app runs is the fact that it is entirely on your own terms. You don’t need to stress out about the start or end of the track, because you’re the one deciding when or where it is. If you have a stressful day at work and just want to unwind for about 20 minutes, you don’t need to finish the exercise from start to end. You create your own progress, so no added hassle, apart from school/college/work obviously. What’s more is that you don’t even have to run the entire distance. You can walk or jog as you like. Depending on your energy level and your mood, you can adjust your fitness routine. 


Moreover, some of these events also support charities and causes, just like in-person marathons. This can help you give back to your community or a cause you particularly believe in and want to contribute to. No matter which cause you support, be it awareness or prevention of diseases, support of disadvantaged groups or helping animals, there is probably a virtual event you can look for that can support the same. Hence, you will be able to achieve your personal fitness goals while helping a good cause. Also, considering the monsoon season is coming up, you don’t have to postpone your exercise even if it’s raining.  You can still be on track and achieve your weight loss or fitness goals at home, regardless of the weather. 


A virtual run provides you the option to set and achieve your goals. Even though you won’t be competing next to hundreds of runners like in a real marathon, you will have the same objective and goal. These consolidate a sense of community in the same way a marathon does. A 2017 study showed that the benefits of social media for female Olympic athletes was that they could connect with their fellow athletes. This is especially important during a pandemic when building connections is more important than ever. Through this online exercise, you can inspire and motivate other runners, while gaining motivation yourself. Build and beat your own personal record using these, especially using mobile apps such as!


Furthermore, when things go back to normal, which might be sooner than we think, you will be ready to tackle in-person marathons. While completing one at home, you will be building your tolerance and stamina for a real life jog. Your new skills and practice can be applied to marathons, races e.t.c. and a good tool for practice. If you’ve never completed a marathon before, you can measure your current capability and create a plan to improve as you get closer to your marathon date. You can work to your final objective, i.e. running a 5k or 10k. Hence, they can create positive energy within you by motivating and encouraging you to work harder in preparation for any future events. 


Even though an online run is not a proper race, you must prepare for one as if it is an actual one. This is to enhance performance and reduce any injury during the exercise. Prep for this may include warm up exercises, stretches and eating well before you do it. Make sure you’re ready with a bottle of water and all your exercise gear, which includes proper well fitting shoes. Preparation also includes checking in on your mental state. This may be before, after or during the virtual run to make sure you’re not pushing yourself beyond your capacity. Training by yourself and running a virtual event is more difficult than if it were a regular one.

You can work on mental strategies, positive self-talk and motivation to get you to finish with flying colours. We at can help you do this as well. We provide fun, exciting opportunities and allow you to complete at your own time and pace. Choose your own distance and win goodies on completion. There will be other participants as well, and the social feature allows you to connect with other runners. 


Hence, this form of exercise is a wonderful way to start your fitness journey and work towards a healthier, fitter you. You don’t need to wait until gyms open up or lockdowns are lifted, because you can do this from the comfort of your home or neighbourhood. No need to worry about keeping track and staying on course, because an app does that job for you! So enjoy your workout routine and participate in a virtual run today!


Why Women ‘Run’ India

We all abide by the well known cliché of “health is wealth”, but this rings true especially when your “ghar ki Lakshmi” is staying fit and being healthy. Yes, your mom, sister or wife being fit contributes greatly to the overall well-being of your family (perhaps even your community). How, you may ask? Think about how the women in our lives forego their own physical (and sometimes even mental) health for others. Imagine being overworked and exhausted every single day in a world that demands you to be subservient and submissive. If you can imagine such a scenario, you’ve successfully stepped into the shoes of a woman. But, fitness can play a small, yet impactful role in this case. Read on to find out how!

Women tend to put themselves last, especially when they have a family. Even when they don’t, a working woman still struggles to find time for herself. A survey conducted in Australia shows that about 60% of women partake in less than 2.5 hours per week of physical activity. If this is the case in Australia, one can only imagine what India is like in terms of women and fitness. But why is being fit important when you’re a woman? Firstly, exercise and endorphins have a positive correlation. Exercise makes you feel happier, and a happier person is ultimately a more engaged citizen. But of course, this is regardless whether you’re a man or woman. Secondly, exercise is great for your mental health. While it’s not a cure for anxiety, depression or insomnia, studies show that it has certainly helped manage these mental ailments. Lastly, staying fit helps increase self-confidence and self-image. In a media-driven, consumerist world that dictates how women should and should not look, having a positive view of your body is definitely something that women need. If you love your body (and your mind), you are more likely to be proactive and confident. 

If you’re a woman, or want a woman you know and love to have a more fulfilling life experience, exercise is the way to go. It doesn’t have to be everyday, or for a crazy number of hours. It can be a few hours a week that you take out just for yourself, focusing solely on your body and mind. And we can definitely help you get there!