The Feast of Employees

You are what you eat, right? If your employees (and you) are eating unhealthy junk, they’re going to feel like it eventually. Their diet is ultimately going to affect productivity (which is important considering work-from-home). So what should they be feasting on instead? Here is what you should encourage them to try:

  • First of all, put down that bag of chips. You’re probably going to fill up eating that greasy fried potato and end up feeling dissatisfied with yourself. And before you head for that Cadbury bar, you shouldn’t be eating that either. Sorry 🙁
  • But, wait! Before you get disappointed, you can still eat chocolate. Dark chocolate, specifically. The magnesium in the chocolate helps with workplace stress and anxiety, and the caffeine and sugar in it gives you just enough energy to work!
  • Also what if we told you that your mom was right? A banana is an amazing work-day snack. It has enough glucose, which powers you and helps you stay productive. 
  • Switch out your masala chai or coffee with green tea. We know you’re probably groaning at this, but hear us out. You can indulge in chai or coffee once in a while (a weekend treat!). But green tea gives you nutrition and productivity.
  • Switch out white rice with brown rice. Brown rice has more nutrients and doesn’t contain ‘empty calories’ like white rice. No more sleepy afternoons! 
  • And, last but not least, chug that water. Always have a full bottle of water next to you so that you’re not procrastinating getting a glass of water (we all do that). 

Now you know how you and your employees can make small adjustments to their snacks and meals to create a more healthy, wholesome diet. Feast on this!