Be a Super-Hero while being Super-Fit

‘Huh?’ is probably what you thought when you read that title. How can you save the planet while not skipping leg day? While you probably don’t think about the environment while working out, there is a way you can incorporate it positively in your workout routine. But why should you? Even if you don’t go to the gym daily (or probably even monthly), your workout habits definitely have an environmental footprint. And not the good kind. So read on to find out how you can adjust your gym habits to help our planet. But, hey, listen: the first step is actually going to the gym.

  • To reduce your negative environmental impact, stop taking long showers. Whether it be at home or at the gym itself, long showers lead to a LOT of water loss. 10 minutes of showering a day leads to a loss of about 51,000 litres of water every day. Better still, go full desi and opt for a bucket bath instead! 
  • If you’re a gym freak, you surely have a proteinaceous diet. Which means primarily eating meat products, especially chicken. But it’s better for the environment if you switch to a vegetarian diet. We know what you’re thinking: ew, why would I want to eat all this rabbit food? That is because meat processing has a terrible environmental impact.
  • You can run for a cause. Most marathons and runs are organised for charity and act as fundraisers. When you enter such events, you are donating towards a charitable cause while staying healthy. In our eyes, that’s a perfect exchange. You can Google causes you are passionate about, and you just might find a marathon opportunity in your area. Or better still, organize your own!

So, now that we’ve detailed ways that you can utilise to help save the planet, you can now implement these in your daily routines. While we can definitely help and guide your progress (*cough* FeetApart app *cough*), it’s up to you whether you want to be Batman or the Joker!


Is fitness just a beauty filter for you?

As you scroll through the endless stream of pictures on Instagram every morning (who cares if you’re late for work?), every third one you come across is either a fit, Bradley Cooper look-alike or an influencer wearing clothes that you could only wish would look good on you. Tomorrow, pakka, is what you say to yourself. Tomorrow is the day you’ll start dieting, going to the gym e.t.c. Your cousin’s wedding is coming up in a month and you have to lose weight to fit into your sherwani/sari blouse. And then suddenly you remember how your mom’s friend had called you ‘healthy’ the other day and your resolve just gets stronger. You’ll show all those people, they’ll regret saying stuff when you have a transformation just like Hrithik Roshan from K3G. 

 But let us stop you right there. We’re (almost) sure you’ll do all that, but how long will it last? You’ll go to gym for maybe a week or two before burning out, and then go on a crash diet that will just make you crave pizza even more. And you can always buy another overpriced sherwani right? If you see what the problem is, here’s a gold star for you. If you haven’t figured it out yet, don’t worry, it’s really simple. The reason you want to get fit itself is  wrong.  You want to lose weight because you think it’ll make you more agreeable in the eyes of other people. You want to get skinnier because social media, movies and nosy aunties have set certain expectations that you feel you must comply with.

So, before you make any promises to yourself (and your gym trainer), we want you to ask yourself a very important question: why do you want to get fit? Make sure it’s not because for the benefit of other people, but for your own. Workout to have a healthy body and mind, not because you want to hop on to the latest Instagram trend. Workout because you want to see a long-term change in yourself, not because you want to fit into your clothes. And most importantly, Bradley Cooper is one of a kind, so maybe just try to be yourself. 


What You and Your Lunch Have in Common

Never thought you’d have something in common with a meal? Think again. While you look for similarities between yourself, your parents and your siblings, little did you know that the (second) most important meal of the day also bears a striking resemblance to you. But you may think: I’m not as bland as daal rice right? Well, let’s see. 

They say you are what you eat. If you have a sweet tooth, and regularly have rasgullas and laddoos on your plate, you’re probably a happy-go-lucky, ball-of-fun type of a person (and maybe a bit ball…shaped as well?). If you have a burning, spicy sabzi or raw chillies on your plate, are you okay? Burning up your taste buds isn’t going to sweat the fat out of your body. Maybe you’re one of the healthy types, and have all kinds of veggies on your plate. In that case, good for you. You seem like you really care for yourself, but we know you’ve been having your cheat days. 

Oh, or maybe you don’t really care that much about your lunch, and just eat whatever is in your fridge. In that case, how is bachelor life treating you? Just like the day-old pizza in your fridge, maybe you also need to reheat your life up a bit. If your lunch is on the go, McDonalds DriveThru types, you seem to be fast, just like your food. Maybe have a vegetable once in a while? Take a break from your 80-hour work week and chill for a bit.  
But what if you’re someone who doesn’t have lunch at all? What does that say about you? It means that you really need to do something about it. If you keep this up, you’ll probably say goodbye to your sanity (and your personality, since we’ve well established that what you eat directly correlates with your character). But in all seriousness, we hope we’ve communicated to you how important your diet is with respect to your health, mental and physical. While your characteristics may not be linked to what’s on your plate, it surely affects your lifestyle.


Why Women ‘Run’ India

We all abide by the well known cliché of “health is wealth”, but this rings true especially when your “ghar ki Lakshmi” is staying fit and being healthy. Yes, your mom, sister or wife being fit contributes greatly to the overall well-being of your family (perhaps even your community). How, you may ask? Think about how the women in our lives forego their own physical (and sometimes even mental) health for others. Imagine being overworked and exhausted every single day in a world that demands you to be subservient and submissive. If you can imagine such a scenario, you’ve successfully stepped into the shoes of a woman. But, fitness can play a small, yet impactful role in this case. Read on to find out how!

Women tend to put themselves last, especially when they have a family. Even when they don’t, a working woman still struggles to find time for herself. A survey conducted in Australia shows that about 60% of women partake in less than 2.5 hours per week of physical activity. If this is the case in Australia, one can only imagine what India is like in terms of women and fitness. But why is being fit important when you’re a woman? Firstly, exercise and endorphins have a positive correlation. Exercise makes you feel happier, and a happier person is ultimately a more engaged citizen. But of course, this is regardless whether you’re a man or woman. Secondly, exercise is great for your mental health. While it’s not a cure for anxiety, depression or insomnia, studies show that it has certainly helped manage these mental ailments. Lastly, staying fit helps increase self-confidence and self-image. In a media-driven, consumerist world that dictates how women should and should not look, having a positive view of your body is definitely something that women need. If you love your body (and your mind), you are more likely to be proactive and confident. 

If you’re a woman, or want a woman you know and love to have a more fulfilling life experience, exercise is the way to go. It doesn’t have to be everyday, or for a crazy number of hours. It can be a few hours a week that you take out just for yourself, focusing solely on your body and mind. And we can definitely help you get there!