Be a Super-Hero while being Super-Fit

‘Huh?’ is probably what you thought when you read that title. How can you save the planet while not skipping leg day? While you probably don’t think about the environment while working out, there is a way you can incorporate it positively in your workout routine. But why should you? Even if you don’t go to the gym daily (or probably even monthly), your workout habits definitely have an environmental footprint. And not the good kind. So read on to find out how you can adjust your gym habits to help our planet. But, hey, listen: the first step is actually going to the gym.

  • To reduce your negative environmental impact, stop taking long showers. Whether it be at home or at the gym itself, long showers lead to a LOT of water loss. 10 minutes of showering a day leads to a loss of about 51,000 litres of water every day. Better still, go full desi and opt for a bucket bath instead! 
  • If you’re a gym freak, you surely have a proteinaceous diet. Which means primarily eating meat products, especially chicken. But it’s better for the environment if you switch to a vegetarian diet. We know what you’re thinking: ew, why would I want to eat all this rabbit food? That is because meat processing has a terrible environmental impact.
  • You can run for a cause. Most marathons and runs are organised for charity and act as fundraisers. When you enter such events, you are donating towards a charitable cause while staying healthy. In our eyes, that’s a perfect exchange. You can Google causes you are passionate about, and you just might find a marathon opportunity in your area. Or better still, organize your own!

So, now that we’ve detailed ways that you can utilise to help save the planet, you can now implement these in your daily routines. While we can definitely help and guide your progress (*cough* FeetApart app *cough*), it’s up to you whether you want to be Batman or the Joker!

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