What You and Your Lunch Have in Common

Never thought you’d have something in common with a meal? Think again. While you look for similarities between yourself, your parents and your siblings, little did you know that the (second) most important meal of the day also bears a striking resemblance to you. But you may think: I’m not as bland as daal rice right? Well, let’s see. 

They say you are what you eat. If you have a sweet tooth, and regularly have rasgullas and laddoos on your plate, you’re probably a happy-go-lucky, ball-of-fun type of a person (and maybe a bit ball…shaped as well?). If you have a burning, spicy sabzi or raw chillies on your plate, are you okay? Burning up your taste buds isn’t going to sweat the fat out of your body. Maybe you’re one of the healthy types, and have all kinds of veggies on your plate. In that case, good for you. You seem like you really care for yourself, but we know you’ve been having your cheat days. 

Oh, or maybe you don’t really care that much about your lunch, and just eat whatever is in your fridge. In that case, how is bachelor life treating you? Just like the day-old pizza in your fridge, maybe you also need to reheat your life up a bit. If your lunch is on the go, McDonalds DriveThru types, you seem to be fast, just like your food. Maybe have a vegetable once in a while? Take a break from your 80-hour work week and chill for a bit.  
But what if you’re someone who doesn’t have lunch at all? What does that say about you? It means that you really need to do something about it. If you keep this up, you’ll probably say goodbye to your sanity (and your personality, since we’ve well established that what you eat directly correlates with your character). But in all seriousness, we hope we’ve communicated to you how important your diet is with respect to your health, mental and physical. While your characteristics may not be linked to what’s on your plate, it surely affects your lifestyle.

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