Why Women ‘Run’ India

We all abide by the well known cliché of “health is wealth”, but this rings true especially when your “ghar ki Lakshmi” is staying fit and being healthy. Yes, your mom, sister or wife being fit contributes greatly to the overall well-being of your family (perhaps even your community). How, you may ask? Think about how the women in our lives forego their own physical (and sometimes even mental) health for others. Imagine being overworked and exhausted every single day in a world that demands you to be subservient and submissive. If you can imagine such a scenario, you’ve successfully stepped into the shoes of a woman. But, fitness can play a small, yet impactful role in this case. Read on to find out how!

Women tend to put themselves last, especially when they have a family. Even when they don’t, a working woman still struggles to find time for herself. A survey conducted in Australia shows that about 60% of women partake in less than 2.5 hours per week of physical activity. If this is the case in Australia, one can only imagine what India is like in terms of women and fitness. But why is being fit important when you’re a woman? Firstly, exercise and endorphins have a positive correlation. Exercise makes you feel happier, and a happier person is ultimately a more engaged citizen. But of course, this is regardless whether you’re a man or woman. Secondly, exercise is great for your mental health. While it’s not a cure for anxiety, depression or insomnia, studies show that it has certainly helped manage these mental ailments. Lastly, staying fit helps increase self-confidence and self-image. In a media-driven, consumerist world that dictates how women should and should not look, having a positive view of your body is definitely something that women need. If you love your body (and your mind), you are more likely to be proactive and confident. 

If you’re a woman, or want a woman you know and love to have a more fulfilling life experience, exercise is the way to go. It doesn’t have to be everyday, or for a crazy number of hours. It can be a few hours a week that you take out just for yourself, focusing solely on your body and mind. And we can definitely help you get there!

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