Can We Guess Your Favourite Body Part?

We all have one, we just don’t know which one it is. Trust us. Let’s find out yours!

Answer this short quiz (truthfully) and then tell us we’re not psychic. 

  1. Do you stare into the mirror at hours on end?
    1. Yes
    2. Maybe, don’t judge.
    3. Nope
  1. Did you look at SRK’s 10-pack abs in Happy New Year and wish that was you?
    1. Obviously
    2. Not really, I’m more of a Bhai fan
    3. Why the hell would I watch that movie?
  1. Are you happy with your tummy tires and your double chin?
    1. …no
    2. Wait, how did you know I had them?
    3. Eh, I don’t really care
  1. Does your gym trainer give you a disappointed look after every set of squats?
    1. I didn’t come here to be roasted
    2. What gym trainer? What squats?
    3. I’m basically a trainer myself
  1. Kya aapke toothpaste mein namak hai?
    1. It’s supposed to have namak?
    2. This joke is really old, btw.
    3. Of course it does, I’m not a caveman

Now, for the moment of truth. Drum roll, please:

If you answered mostly As: Um, we’re not sure you have a favourite body part. Gotta like yourself before you love yourself, no?

If you answered mostly Bs: Salman over Shah Rukh? Really?

If you answered mostly Cs: We’re jealous as f***. How does it feel to have your life together?

Okay, maybe we lied. We can’t really tell what your favourite body part is. But that doesn’t matter. Because all of it should be your favourite, regardless of who you are ad whether your toothpaste has namak. And we, at FeetApart, sure can help you with that.

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